Use of actuators with Arduino

If we look around us, we will notice how the field of robotics is undergoing a deep transformation; technology advances by leaps and bounds, and with it, the automation of everyday items. There are programing languages that make this task easier, such as Arduino, which allows for countless applications, whether in complex devices such as … Read more…

Calculating gear ratios in projects involving gears

relación de reducción

In a myriad of projects involving motion control mechanisms, and mechanical or electromechanical transmissions, gears are a key component, which is why it is essential to know how to calculate the gear ratio for their optimal performance.

Are you undertaking a project involving gears, but don’t know how to calculate their gear ratio? Don’t miss this post, in it we will explain what this ratio is all about and the formulas to calculate it. Let’s get to it!

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Get to know CLR’s project management methodology

Equipo de ingeniería

Do you work in the industrial sector? Do you operate with several actuator and mechanical part manufacturers? At CLR we have been helping our clients achieve the perfect motion for decades, with an efficient and effective project management methodology.

Do you want to learn about the key areas of this strategy? Our professional team works in the fields of engineering, quality and production to attain the final goal: exceeding the standards set at the beginning of the project.

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Guide to prevent mechanical vibrations in your machines

mechanical vibrations

What are mechanical vibrations?

Mechanical vibrations can be defined as the movement of a solid body around an balance position. If the vibrating object comes into contact with any part of the human body, it transmits the energy generated by the vibration. This energy is absorbed by the body and can produce in it various effects that depend on the characteristics of the vibration.

They are some of the issues that haunt manufacturers of all types of industrial machines. These, along with undesired noises, affect customer satisfaction and limit the perception and quality of the end product. Would you like to know a few tips to prevent vibrations? In this article-guide we let you know what part speed reducers and mechanical transmissions play in this, and which steps we should follow in order to prevent these problems.

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Design or redesign of mechanical power transmissions?

mechanical power transmissions

When facing a new mechanical engineering project, the professional in charge of the motion system is split between performing a redesign of mechanical power transmissions or existing speed reducers, and developing a completely new system. In this article we will try to address this issue that always pops up in the industry. Let’s get to it! 

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Gear motors with brake: basic attributes and operation

Gear motor with brake

Brakes in gear motors are accessories that let the motor maintain a correction position in electric transmission systems. Nowadays, its use has been divided into two major groups: conventional gear motors with brake and the new brakes which use electromagnetic systems.

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5 tips prior to designing the gear motors

CLR gear motors

We could say gear motors are considered to be a fundamental part in industry. Their applications are endless, and they have always been the central part of the most precise motions and displacements in machines. Thanks to treatments and breakthroughs in the materials used for their construction, in conjunction with new generations of electric motors such as step motors or servomotors, gear motors have never been as precise and reliable as they are today.

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Torque and power: what are they and what is their difference?


It is increasingly common to argue in electromechanical engineering projects about what is more important: for a motor to deliver a high torque, or for it to yield a high maximum power. These concepts, for most professionals or purchase managers, are not completely clear. In this article we will try to answer what each of them is. Make a note! 

You might be interested in: What is a servo motor and when is it used?

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