All you need to know about gear motors and their components

gear motors

Gear motors are systems that are essential when correctly and effectively moving most motor-powered machines. Given their importance to adjust the speed of the mechanism, it is essential for us to know what they are, their components and their main types.  Free download: Gear Motors: Choosing the best one for each project What are gear … Read more…

Geared transmission basics

Geared transmissions are present in many sectors. See what geared transmissions are, the parameters of their design, and the materials used to manufacture them.

Sound pleasantness in gear motors and actuators

Presión acústica en reductores

Some aspects that are usually taken into account by machinery manufacturers are the properties of the sounds produced by drive systems. The level and quality (pleasantness) of the gear motor’s sound, where different frequencies come into play, has a significant incidence on the perception of the product’s perfection by the end user. In this article we will study the course of action toward a correct study of speed reducer and actuator sounds. Make a note!

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Right angle gear motors & parallel shaft gear motors: performance comparison

The position of the motor’s shaft in relation to the output shaft of the speed reducer is one of the factors that influence the performance and behaviour of gear motors. In this regard, we can find two main variants: right angle gear motors a.k.a. worm gear motors and parallel shaft gear motors. If we take a look at their properties, efficiency, sound level or durability, we will notice significant differences that make them more or less suitable for each application. Want to know why? Keep reading.

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Problems when using oversized or undersized geared motors

geared motors

Using oversized or undersized geared motors affects the speed reducer’s service life, its efficiency and the proper functioning of its application. When choosing a speed reducer for a specific movement, we must keep well in mind all the operational parameters or needs of the application. Only then can we choose the proper power for our speed reducer and select the one whose specifications offer the best relationship between efficiency, durability and precision. 

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Gearbox design tips

Gearbox design

Gearbox design involves a great quantity of requirements that we should keep an eye on. This analysis ensures its proper operation and directly influences the effectiveness and efficiency of the speed reducer. How does target performance affect gearbox design? Below we address each of these factors in-depth.

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What is the service factor and how do you calculate it?

What is the service factor

Determining the right load for a motor is paramount, since it improves its optimal performance and allows us to better define its service life. One of the common problems with electric motors is that their performance decreases with loads lower than 50%. Despite overrating being the most common problem, underrating in a motor may be equally or even more damaging. Do you know exactly what is the service factor? This specification tries to measure the external aspects that affect a motor’s performance and cause malfunctions in the gear motor.

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Parallel shaft gear motors, applications and advantages

parallel shaft gear motors

On every electromechanical engineering project, it is of utmost importance to think about how each actuation is to be performed. In order to accomplish them, there are different types of gear motors on the market, but the best choice will depend on the movement we want to accomplish, the power, or the space that is available. In this article we introduce you to an actuation system that may be very useful for certain applications: the parallel shaft gear motors. Do you want to learn about its applications and advantages? Keep reading!

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