Success stories: Residual current devices in industrial switches

Reconectadores diferenciales

One of the leading companies in the field of electromechanical engineering, with a track record of over 60 years in design, manufacturing and sales, had a large alternating current residual current device.

With the objective of minimizing the cost of a component of the circuit board, they considered reducing its size and modifying it so that it would use direct current. To accomplish this, they decided to rely on CLR, who studied their case and offered them a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Would you like to know more about this job? Keep reading! And don’t miss the main challenges we faced and how we addressed them.

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Solenoid electro valves vs. motor-driven electro valves

electroválvulas accionadas por solenoide

Electro valves play a key role in a myriad of projects, and it is common to wonder whether they should be driven by a solenoid or a motor. If you have ever come across this question, you are in luck: in this post we will explain when you should opt for one or the other. But first, we’ll clear up what an solenoid valve is and what other types exist. Let’s get to it!

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Solar panel orientation mechanism

Orientación placas solares

The sun is one of the most valuable treasures Earth has, which is why it is becoming increasingly common for countries to take advantage of the benefits provided by technology and install solar panels with the purpose of obtaining clean, renewable energy.

Installing a solar panel is not enough to guarantee maximum performance; a decisive factor in regard to efficiency when obtaining photovoltaic energy is the installation of a solar tracker on the panel.

Would you like to know more about photovoltaic installations and the orientation of solar panels? Keep reading!

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Automatic doors: speed reducers for motion control and precision

Automatic doors

The use and application of automatic doors is increasingly common beyond shopping malls, hospitals and large office spaces. The complex systems for door automation require great control and precision, which is why the selection of the speed reducer should involve a very precise study. In this article we will delve into the operators and actuators in charge of the optimal operation of an automatic door, as well as the role of speed reducers or actuators for driving the doors’ system and motion control. Let’s begin. 

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Technologies that improve productivity in the livestock industry

tecnologías del sector ganadero

A lot has changed in the livestock industry during the last few years. The new livestock industry technologies , where automation takes the centre stage, have a clear purpose: improving productivity in the livestock business and make the farmer’s life easier; all of this while making the most out of the available natural resources. In this article we go over some of these interesting technologies.

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Success story: Actuator for thermal magnetic circuit breakers and differential automatic resetting

diferencial rearme automático

CLR has a long track record in the development of displacement mechanisms in the electromechanical sector. Today we tell you about one of our latest projects on this field: an actuator for differential automatic resetting and thermal-magnetic circuit breakers in our homes. This solution comes very handy when there is a power outage and we are not home to manually turn the power back on. Would you like to know more about this interesting electromechanical solution? Then read on.

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