Machining - Precision turning

Technology for precision
Thanks to our experience as well as our production capacity backed by a set of modern precision machinery, in this section we can offer the market the most advanced services in machining and turning.

All this accompanied by hardening and surface treatments that the market may need.
CNC machined center of CLR
Examples of products:
Bespoke gear manufacturing
Cutting of helical, globoidal and spur gears, up to 3000 mm from module 0.10 up to 2.
Steel rack manufacturing
Worm gears
Worm gear cutting in brass, aluminium and all sort of steel from 0,10 module till 2
Bespoke CNC parts manufacturing
Custom parts
Custom parts using a CNC lathe for steel and different alloys up to a maximum diameter of 200 mm and a maximum length of 400 mm.
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