Gear motors for Vending: strength in small sizes

CLR en vending
Our gear motors are made to suit the size as well as the adaptability and maintenance needs of the vending industry with great results and using the torque required for each project.
Gearmotors in vending machines
Projects in Vending
Extraction of the product in Vending machines
We find a tailor-made solution in which small space was not a problem for obtaining enough power.
Hopper activation gear
Many arcade slot machines have our gear motors for efficient and reliable control of the jackpot coin hopper in their casino machines.
Vending guide
Vending guide
Vending guide
Vending guide
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Are you looking for customized actuators for a vending project?
Download this free guide focused on the design and selection of reducers in vending and gambling machines
Vending machines applications
No matter where you need a travel mechanism, we help you to create it.

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