According to the strictest European standards

CLR in Electromechanics
Our engineering team develops reliable and high quality gear motors in accordance with the strict European Union safety standards. Thanks to our experience, our solutions have managed to achieve great results even in the smallest sizes.
Gearmotors in electromechanics
Electromechanical Projects
Thermal magnetic and differential automatic resetting
Our client relied on us to find a reliable and high quality gear motor that could be installed on a DIN rail.
Peristaltic pump gear
Thanks to our customized solution we extend the useful life of machines by 50% with a 25% cheaper solution than the previous one.
Residual current devices in industrial switches
We designed a motor that would work atv220 V, direct current, and offered certain mechanical characteristics in a very reduced space. It also included a number of detection systems that controlled de angular position of the control switch.
Gearmotors guide
Gearmotors guide
Gearmotors guide
Gearmotors guide
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Electromechanical applications
No matter where you need a travel mechanism, we help you to create it.

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