Gear motors in HORECA : Overcoming the highest standards.

Besides a wide range of standard gear motors of the highest quality, at CLR we are specialists in developing custom movement solutions for your HORECA projects. We offer the perfect motion to machines of this sector like industrial mixers, industrial toasters, coffee grinders etc.
Gearmotors HORECA
HORECA projects
Soluble dosing system
Thanks to our gear motors our client was able to stop relying on market standards, improving the quality, design and price of their machines.
Crushed ice density control system
In CLR find a more reliable, cost-effective and less noisy gear motor to improve the standard solution on the market.
Vending guide
Vending guide
Vending guide
Vending guide
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Are you developing HORECA projects? Do you want to delve into safety regulations?
Download new CLR guide and know main regulations that affect gearmotors on your machines
HORECA applications
No matter where you need a travel mechanism, we help you to create it.

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