Crushed ice density control system

A company specializing in the manufacture of beverage coolers, contacted us to improve the standard market solution that their machines have today.

Now we are working to find the perfect floating gear for their coolers, capable of controlling the density of the crushed ice and turn the machine off to avoid the product from completely freezing.


The customer already has a solution for controlling the density of the crushed ice, but it is not satisfied with the reliability and the price of the market standard.

It is looking for a custom solution that perfectly suits its needs and which will improve the functionality of the current gear motors.


The CLR customized solution consisted in an ovoid shape gear motor with parallel axes with and an AC motor. This drive accomplished safety specificacions and guarantees needed and has a longer life, in addition to improving power consumption and reducing the sound levels of the machine.

Already with the final prototype, this plastic reducer was tested on site in different machines of the customer to check its real performance. Those tests offered very good guarantees and now our product works in different vending machines of this supplier, who belongs to one of the largest business corporations in the Horeca sector worldwide and leading in Spain.

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Soluble dosing system
Thanks to our gear motors our client was able to stop relying on market standards, improving the quality, design and price of their machines.
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