Gear motors in conditioning sector: a new air for your project

CLR in Air conditioning
Each of our air conditioning projects is distinctive and unique. At CLR we develop everything from gear motors capable of moving heavy structures to products that require small movements in very tight spaces. Whatever your needs in air conditioning are, our solutions will give your project a new look.
 Airflow orientation system in tubular air conditioning
Air conditioning projects
Regulating system for farm ventilation
Our hypocycloidal drive solution allows the movement of heavy vertical structures.
Air flow orientation system
Thanks to our solution, our customer managed to make appliances quieter. In addition, our gear motors comply with the size and weight requirements that the company needed.
Guide sounds speed reducers
Guide sounds speed reducers
Guide sounds speed reducers
Guide sounds speed reducers
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Are you tired of unpleasant sounds and vibrations in your speed reducers?
Guide to preventing unpleasant noises and vibrations in your speed reducers.
Applications in air conditioning
No matter where you need a travel mechanism, we help you to create it.

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