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There is no room for error in the safety sector, at CLR, we strive to develop infallible and high quality gear motors to obtain the highest guarantees to get the perfect motion when it is needed. Contact us to find the best solution in automatic solutions, safety locks, safety barriers, intelligent locks and many other projects.
Security sector gearmotors
Safety projects
Gearboxex for automatic doors
International hypermarkets trust our coin-controlled locking system because of its easy installation and its invulnerability.
Isolation barrier and smoke control
Our solution works to facilitate the evacuation of people in case of fire in shopping malls, hospitals, airports and large buildings.
Gearboxex for automatic doors
CLR was able to manufacture a product that fit the client’s needs and exceeded their expectations: silent, long-lasting and tailored to their own systems.
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Safety applications
No matter where you need a travel mechanism, we help you to create it.

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