Coin-controlled locks for shopping trolleys

A leading national company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of commercial equipment contacted us in 1986 to improve its coin-operated locking system for shopping trolleys.

We found a patented system that is used in multinational supermarkets. .


The coin-operated locking system that our client had did not achieve the results that the brand sought. It was an expensive non-engineered system which was vulnerable and difficult to install.

ll these challenges needed to be met by our team in order to obtain the perfect system for our client.


At CLR we secured a very versatile mechanism and one which could be adapted to different currencies in the market. Our system was easy to install and boasted improvements in its design, but its main advantage was undoubtedly its invulnerability, one of the factors that contributed to making our customer the company that was chosen by the major supermarkets.

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Isolation barrier and smoke control
Our solution works to facilitate the evacuation of people in case of fire in shopping malls, hospitals, airports and large buildings.
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