Isolation barrier and smoke control

A company with proven experience in passive fire protection in buildings contacted CLR to develop a solution that would facilitate the evacuation of people from buildings in the event of fire.

We developed an alternative idea for smoke control using a system of roll-up isolation barriers that provides safety in shopping malls, hospitals, airports, hotels...


The main difficulty entailed in this project was to find a perfect isolation barrier fall movement in extreme situations and without a power supply. Our gear motors had to work to lower the barriers in a controlled fashion for smoke control and which would safeguard an evacuation route from buildings in the event of fire..

Besides, the system had to be approved in accordance with the strict European UNE EN 12101-1 standard and with a CE compliance certificate.


Our gear motor works by retaining the rolled-up control barriers using minimal power and when they receive the alarm signal they are disabled, gently unwinding the barriers in a controlled fashion with the help of gravity.

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