Gear motors design

At CLR, we bring your projects to fruition. Our engineering team strives to implement the best solution for your company’s travel mechanisms.
We are a flexible and innovative team that always finds an effective solution to your business’ challenges. We are with you at every stage of your project, from analysis to development, and adapt to all your needs.
R&D mechanical team
How can we help you?

✓ Mechanical and electromechanical designs

✓ Gear design

✓ Selection of materials

✓ Conversions from plastic to metal and vice versa

✓ Study of materials

✓ Prototypes design

Mabuchi Motor recommended CLR in 2006 to develop a complex drive system and their ability to understand our needs as well as their flexibility surprised us when finding a viable solution in technical and economic terms. We continue to work closely with your engineers in the continuous improvement of this product. ”
Mr. Vijay Doni
Senior Buyer at KYB Europe
Team of engineers
Jose Barrocal
Estefanía Picó
Project Engineer Manager
Jose Ramon Sanchez
Project Engineer Manager
Javier Monleón
Project Engineer Manager
Ines Miró
Mechanical Engineer
Jorge Palacios
Mechanical Engineer
Roberto Rubio
Sales Engineer
We want to make your project a reality
Achieving a travel mechanism that adapts perfectly to the needs of your company is not always easy.
At CLR we are with you at every stage of your project, from design to implementation, facing all the challenges.
Tell us how we can help you and we will advise you with no obligation.
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Electric motors guide
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