Soluble dosing system

A Dutch multinational company specializing in the development, manufacture and supply of a wide range of beverage machines, sought in CLR an engineering partner to find a custom solution for their machines.

The company fulfilled its goal to stop relying on the standard gear motor on the market which was not giving the results it needed.


The main problem facing our client was that it was obliged to work with a market standard gear motor that did not suit their needs.

The gearbox did not comply with the quality that it sought for its brands. Furthermore, the company encountered supply problems and was forced to pay too high a price for the gear motors it needed.


At CLR we managed to design a gear motor capable of meeting the customer’s requirements. Not only was its dependency on the previous provider removed, but also thanks to our engineering team the gearbox was of better quality, design and price than the one they used before.

Therefore, the company was able to design more competitive machines on the market and ones which offered better results for its customers.

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Crushed ice density control system
In CLR find a more reliable, cost-effective and less noisy gear motor to improve the standard solution on the market.
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