Thermal magnetic circuit breakers and differential automatic resetting

A company specializing in the design and production of electronic equipment for custom-made electrical control and protection, contacted our team of engineers in order to find a solution for automating its switches and circuit breakers which automatically reset differentials and thermal magnetic circuit breakers in the event of a power cut or loss of supply.


Not only had we to find a reliable and high quality gear motor but also one which would comply with the dimensions required to be installed on a DIN rail like the rest of the components on the electrical panel.

In this case, our engineers also needed to take into account the strict standards that regulate the sector and comply with all the safety requirements as set by the European Union.


Thanks to the work of our engineers, we found a gear motor using mechanical locks capable of exceeding the client’s needs with a guarantee of more than 20,000 normal-use cycles. In addition, the project met the high safety requirements of the sector and the UL 94 flammability standards.

Thanks to the good results of our projects with this client, our gear motors are currently used in a myriad of mechanisms for controlling and disconnecting and remote resetting of medium and high voltage lines up to 400A, wind farms and other electric platforms.

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Peristaltic pump gear
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