Residual current devices in industrial switches

Leading company in the field of electromechanical engineering, with a track record of over 60 years in the design, manufacturing and sale of residual current circuit breakers; manual and motorized changeover switches; cam switches and a wide range of integrated solutions.
They decided to rely on our services with the goal of reducing the cost of a circuit board component. We studied their case and offered them a reliable and cost-effective solution.


They had a large alternating current residual current circuit breaker, and proposed reducing its size and modifying it so that it would use direct current, with the purpose of making the circuit board component cheaper.


We designed a motor that would work at 220 V, direct current, and offered certain mechanical characteristics in a very reduced space. It also included a number of detection systems that controlled de angular position of the control switch.

Thanks to the way in which the product turned out, the company trusts our services and recommends our services for new electromechanical projects.

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Thermal magnetic and differential automatic resetting
Our client relied on us to find a reliable and high quality gear motor that could be installed on a DIN rail.
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