Get to know CLR’s project management methodology

Do you work in the industrial sector? Do you operate with several actuator and mechanical part manufacturers? At CLR we have been helping our clients achieve the perfect motion for decades, with an efficient and effective project management methodology.

Do you want to learn about the key areas of this strategy? Our professional team works in the fields of engineering, quality and production to attain the final goal: exceeding the standards set at the beginning of the project.


CLR’s project management methodology

Preliminary phase

Our work begins with the client telling us about a need in relation to a new actuator or mechanical component. At this moment, CLR’s project management mechanism is set in motion.

All needs are conveyed by the Sales Department to Engineering, which develops a preliminary project with information collected from the client.

The new product is drafted during this preliminary project, as well as a rough budget calculation to cover tooling and part costs. After approval by the client, design inputs are filled in and a meeting is arranged with the Design Team, where the new project is presented, and a project file is opened. This preliminary stage ends with the design of timelines and task assignment, thereby leading up to the Product Design phase.


“We understand your needs, turn them into ideas and manufacture your product”


Product design

At this point, documentation for the project is generated by the Project Engineer: calculations, blueprints, materials, proposed structures, routes and packaging.

Once finished, a 3D blueprint and product documentation is delivered to the client for him to see how the final result would look. Additionally, the Project Engineer calculates the tooling and part budget, and the sales department sends the final offer to the client, completing all processes.

With the client’s approval, prototypes are developed. Prototypes sent to the client are accompanied by a report of results obtained during testing performed at CLR, whenever applicable.


perfect motion


Process Design

Once the client approves the prototype and budget, the design and manufacturing of tooling begins, and a pre-serial production is performed, during which both the process and the tooling are approved. After this, a meeting is carried out by the design team where its results are discussed.

If everything is in order, the design process is finalised and closed. Otherwise, appropriate revisions are performed – whether to the process or the tooling – and a new pre-serial production is performed.


Quality Seal

We know our clients’ products’ results depend on the design and quality of each part. CLR applies this methodology to different industrial sectors, which allows us to properly monitor the entire process in order to offer the highest level of reliability. This road starts at a draft or idea presented by a client, and ends with a test of its application, where the speed reducer’s operation and performance are analysed.

Our quality department works tirelessly to attain the highest quality standards for our clients, always exceeding expectations in regard to functionality and performance.  


CLR is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for: Volkswagen Group, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, PSA Peugeot Citroen and Fiat S.p.A


Thanks to this methodology and our commitment to innovation, CLR has been able to be a part of the most powerful groups in automotive. Our experience in this industry, and the excellent results of our components, has made it possible for major brands to rely on us for over two decades.

At CLR be combine innovation, quality and design to achieve the best result for your project. Do you have an idea and need advice? Contact our design team and find the engineering partner you are looking for.


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