Success story: speed reducers for industrial juicers

A leading company in the citrus juicer sector required an engineering solution and was referred to CLR to find a way to optimize the functioning of their machines. This company is a leader in the design and manufacturing of products for the hospitality and catering equipment sector, and it therefore carries a wide range of products, even if it is best-known in its sector due to its industrial juicers.

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Searching for a specific actuator

In their search for addressing the needs of hospitality professionals, they needed a solution for one of their hospitality machines; more specifically, their juicers. The client wanted a specific actuator for an orange juicer that was small and inexpensive. Another problem this appliance was facing was the difficulty of transforming alternating current to direct current. 

The challenges of a great project

One of the greatest challenges posed by this project was that electrical power could be restricted, since it was necessary to transform alternate current to direct current via an alternator, in order to change the voltage of the current

Depending on the specific needs of the target motion, such as the starting torque, operating torque, power or others, and the properties of each motor, one can use direct current motors (DC motors) or alternate current motors (AC motors).

In addition, CLR also faced the challenge of coming up with a solution at a competitive price and always maintaining the best quality of service. And all of this, with a device that had approximately 200 mm in length and a high performance in the smallest possible size, so as to fit the space available in the orange juicers.

CLR’s solution

CLR proposed the client the idea of using a device – more specifically, a tailor-made gear motor – that could be used to minimize the actuator’s losses as much as possible. 

Accordingly, a tailor-made speed reducer was manufactured to address the problem faced by the client, with its most important feature being that it was an epicyclic, or planetary, gear motor, but in this case, with a personalized shaft with specific features to address the primary need. 

Planetary gear motors are gear trains where the central gear is surrounded by one or several external gears. Its most widespread use is in automotive transmissions. These are highly versatile devices, since they are contained in a cylindrical gearbox, making it easy for them to be installed in small spaces.

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This type of gear motor has the advantage of being highly precise and reliable since they have a significant rotational angular stability. They present a high radial and axial load speed, which minimizes the misalignment of the gear. It also guarantees a high repeatability of a uniform transmission and a low level of vibrations when exposed to different loads. 

Thanks to their torsional rigidity and smooth roll, planetary gear motors stand out due to their long service life and their high level of efficiency, which results in significantly lower losses during operation. These devices offer a higher torque transmission with a lower noise level, smooth rolling and almost nonexistent skipping.

Project development phases 

The project involved several phases:

  • Studying the specifications and generating ideas with the design team.
  • Quotation of the project development cost, making the best efforts to keep it as low as possible.
  • Design and optimization of the kinematic chain via calculations and by studying the most optimal materials for this application.
  • Design and manufacturing of a working prototype.
  • Performing the necessary adjustments and industrialization of the actuator for mass production.
  • Line and product tooling checks.
  • Pro-series (engineering/industrialization) and pre-series (production), as well as delivery of samples for both.
  • Required testing to verify the operation of the actuator.
  • Follow-up of the project throughout its service life.

All tasks were performed after having received the acceptance of the client for each of them. The result was a personalized solution for the new machine of the client that complied with the specifications and needs. And all of this, with short manufacturing and delivery times, and the highest quality. 

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CLR’s added value

In addition to receiving a tailor-made integral solution, our client obtained other benefits by undertaking the project in collaboration with CLR. These benefits include: 

  • Professionalism: The project was assigned to a design team with a track record of more than 25 years in the sector.
  • Personalization: The obtained solution met the specifications outlined by the client.
  • Speed: The client was given a solution in the shortest possible time.
  • Quality: The constant component quality assurance processes allowed for a solution of the highest quality.

At CLR we have been manufacturing gear motors and tailor-made actuator solutions for more than 40 years. Our team of engineers works every day to find solutions in the smallest sizes for applications in different sectors, such as automotive, vending, HVAC, security and HORECA.

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