CLR case studies: Density control system for slush machines

A leading Spanish company specialised in the manufacturing of slush machines and chillers has found in CLR a fundamental engineering partner for the supply of speed reducers. The company, with a track record of over 25 years, needed to improve the standard solution on the market that it used to control the slush density in their machines (a density control system). The company needed to improve this control system to offer more efficient, reliable and silent machines. A new challenge for the experienced team of engineers of CLR.

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Main challenges of the HORECA project

In this case we would not be starting from scratch. The client was already working on a solution for controlling the slush density, but it was not satisfactory when it came to reliability and costs. They sought to stray from the standard solution, evolve, and offer an improved, higher-quality product.

One of CLR’s Project Managers, in collaboration with our Engineering and Innovation Manager, took charge of this important project. At first, the analysis of the actual requirements for the machine, as well as of the standard industry solution laid the ground for getting started with the design of a custom solution.

During the development of the project, CLR had to face certain electrical safety regulations, as well as certain guidelines related to the manufacturing of hotel & catering machinery. The know-how acquired on other HORECA projects greatly simplified this vital task.

More details about CLR in the HORECA industry


Solution proposed by CLR for chillers density control systems

CLR’s turnkey solution consisted of an ovoid, alternate current parallel shaft gear motor. This actuator safely and fully complied with the specifications indicated by the client.

Among its specifications, we could mention:

  • Continuous operation with an improved energy consumption.
  • Unique size solution to facilitate replacement in the client’s machines without the need for them to perform any redesign.
  • Automatic machine shut-off to prevent the product from completely freezing.
  • Significant reduction of noise levels. An important detail for machines with long operation times.

Gear motor service life increase. The lifespan of our speed reducers improved over their predecessors, implying a competitive advantage and a new selling point.

Once the final prototype was ready, this plastic speed reducer was tested on-site on many of the client’s machines. We tested their real specifications and performance. The tests were very successful and now our product is working on several machines of this leading Spanish chiller supplier.

At CLR we work to exceed the expectations of all of our clients, aiming to address their needs and offer alternatives that improve the operation of any machine. We are not just passionate about finding the perfect motion, but we also work towards offering a reliable, profitable solution from day one.

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