Use of actuators with Arduino

If we look around us, we will notice how the field of robotics is undergoing a deep transformation; technology advances by leaps and bounds, and with it, the automation of everyday items. There are programing languages that make this task easier, such as Arduino, which allows for countless applications, whether in complex devices such as … Read more…

Solenoid electro valves vs. motor-driven electro valves

electroválvulas accionadas por solenoide

Electro valves play a key role in a myriad of projects, and it is common to wonder whether they should be driven by a solenoid or a motor. If you have ever come across this question, you are in luck: in this post we will explain when you should opt for one or the other. But first, we’ll clear up what an electro valve is and what types exist. Let’s get to it!

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Calculating gear ratios in projects involving gears

relación de reducción

In a myriad of projects involving motion control mechanisms, and mechanical or electromechanical transmissions, gears are a key component, which is why it is essential to know how to calculate the gear ratio for their optimal performance.

Are you undertaking a project involving gears, but don’t know how to calculate their gear ratio? Don’t miss this post, in it we will explain what this ratio is all about and the formulas to calculate it. Let’s get to it!

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Solar panel orientation mechanism

Orientación placas solares

The sun is one of the most valuable treasures Earth has, which is why it is becoming increasingly common for countries to take advantage of the benefits provided by technology and install solar panels with the purpose of obtaining clean, renewable energy.

Installing a solar panel is not enough to guarantee maximum performance; a decisive factor in regard to efficiency when obtaining photovoltaic energy is the installation of a solar tracker on the panel.

Would you like to know more about photovoltaic installations and the orientation of solar panels? Keep reading!

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What are plain bearings and how do they work?

cojinetes de fricción

Plain bearings are mechanical components charged with bearing a load and allowing a sliding or rotational motion between two parts of a machine. Their main purpose is preventing wear of the points of support of the machine, which would take place if the shafts were to roll directly on the structure.

Are you involved in a project but knowing which bearings you need is giving you headaches? Don’t worry! In this post we will tell you about its uses and types. Let’s get to it!

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Vandal-proof components and materials for cash dispensers

materiales antivandalismo para dispensadores de billetes

It is increasingly common among criminals to have the “modulus operandi” of blowing up cash dispensers using explosives. In light of this, many ATMs have focused on improving the security of these devices to prevent theft and other damages. In this article we tell you how to reinforce the safety of these components and their speed reducers by using new vandal-proof materials.

Are you concerned about the safety of your machines? Do you want to know which components and materials improve the endurance and protective properties at a mechanical level? Then do not miss this post!

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Why you should improve your safety devices using fireproof plastics

plásticos ignífugos

What would be the point of having a security device whose parts are incapable of dealing with flames? To what extent would we be referring to “security”? One of the basic characteristics that make a device reliable and sturdy is the material it is manufactured with being adequate, and for it to comply with the specifications, regulations or certifications of each sector. In the case of the security sector, this point cannot be disregarded, since the work involves components that are the target of theft and other damages. Fireproof plastics are an example of this. Below we tell you about the ones that stand out from the rest.

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Get to know CLR’s project management methodology

Equipo de ingeniería

Do you work in the industrial sector? Do you operate with several actuator and mechanical part manufacturers? At CLR we have been helping our clients achieve the perfect motion for decades, with an efficient and effective project management methodology.

Do you want to learn about the key areas of this strategy? Our professional team works in the fields of engineering, quality and production to attain the final goal: exceeding the standards set at the beginning of the project.

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Sound pleasantness in gear motors and actuators

Presión acústica en reductores

Some aspects that are usually taken into account by machinery manufacturers are the properties of the sounds produced by drive systems. The level and quality (pleasantness) of the gear motor’s sound, where different frequencies come into play, has a significant incidence on the perception of the product’s perfection by the end user. In this article we will study the course of action toward a correct study of speed reducer and actuator sounds. Make a note!

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