8 applications of speed reducers in HORECA machinery

Actuadores para maquinaria de hostelería

Speed reducers and gear motors play a major role in all sorts of machinery of the hotel & catering industry: industrial mixers, coffee grinding machines, cooling machines, etc. Proper design of their electrical actuators is critical for these HORECA machinery to achieve an optimal performance across different applications. Do you want to learn what role CLR’s actuators play in the HORECA sector?

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Success Story: actuators for perfume dispensers

Noustique Perfumes was born from a joint venture between 2 large multinational enterprises from different sectors. On the one hand, BSH Group, a German manufacturer of white goods that includes the brands Bosch, Siemens and Balay, among others. On the other hand, Puig, a Catalan company dedicated to the creation of perfumes that comprises brands … Read more…

Tips for Choosing a Linear Bearing

Choosing a linear bearing is not an easy task, as the requirements to be taken into account depend on what applications it is going to be used for. It is not the same to choose a bearing for a conveyor system as for a precision device: in the first case, you would be looking for … Read more…

The best electromechanical engineering projects of 2019

Electromechanical engineering brings groundbreaking innovations year after year. Let’s take a look at the most significant developments of 2019 – a year that has been marked by the presentation of unique projects. From projects involving acoustic wave separation to others related to drone software, we will go over the things that you just can’t miss … Read more…

Advantages and disadvantages of a worm drive

A worm drive is a device that transmits motion between axes that are perpendicular to each other by means of a two-part system: the so-called “worm screw,” which has a helical tooth, and a round gear called the ‘worm wheel’. In this circular transmission, the worm screw acts as the input (driving) element, and the … Read more…