Ford Mondeo: 23 years of history and innovation

The “world car” – this is how the American multi-national company baptised the Ford Mondeo (from Latin, Mundus). Its name may perhaps explain the company’s desire to design an affordable model with great features and advanced safety systems. Without a doubt, Ford set its sights high and hit the bullseye, receiving over 20 awards in several countries along the 23-year history of this iconic family car. We go over its evolution and its relationship with CLR!

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Applications of adaptive headlights in the automotive industry

Sistema de luces adaptativas inteligentes de BMW

When speaking of actuators or moving mechanisms in the automotive industry, headlights and lighting systems are an unavoidable topic. Static headlights with light bulbs are now a thing of the past. Nowadays, manufacturers do their best efforts to improve driving comfort, and in this regard, automatic adaptive headlights are increasingly gaining ground. Do you know how those motions are achieved? And which benefits they offer when driving?

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5 keys to optimise your Tier 1 automotive project

tier 1 automotive equipment

Achieving success in the creation, manufacturing and deployment of a Tier 1 project requires a gathering of forces involving a number of suppliers and industrial levels. The success of any OEM project is commonly related to the skills of Tier 1 automotive companies when selecting the most appropriate suppliers in the face of each requirement. Do you work in the Tier 1 automotive industry? Are you finding difficulties to push your ideas or designs forward? Always keep in mind these simple tips.

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Volkswagen Beetle: history, design, and relationship with CLR

Volkswagen Beetle evolution

1937. Ferdinand Porsche founds Volkswagen, which translates into “the people’s car”. After presenting Hitler with about thirty prototypes, Ferdinand presents the star of our article: the “Kdf-Wagen” –soon to be known as the Volkswagen Beetle. Nothing and no one would have told its designer that he was facing what would be the highest-selling, longest-running vehicle in the history of the automotive industry. A vehicle that revolutionised the automotive sector and has already left its mark on four generations. How did this super-seller start? How did it evolve? What does CLR provide to its new model? Interesting questions that you will be able to answer after reading this article. Let’s begin! 

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Major automotive actuators

Principales actuadores en automoción

Always evolving, the automotive sector usually offers numerous drive solutions aimed at improving the comfort and safety of the members of a vehicle. Automotive actuators are perhaps the least known pieces but the ones that most have influenced the emergence of new movements. In this article we will review all of those little engineering movements that find in the gear motor their best ally.

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