Ford Mondeo: 23 years of history and innovation

The “world car” – this is how the American multi-national company baptised the Ford Mondeo (from Latin, Mundus). Its name may perhaps explain the company’s desire to design an affordable model with great features and advanced safety systems. Without a doubt, Ford set its sights high and hit the bullseye, receiving over 20 awards in several countries along the 23-year history of this iconic family car. We go over its evolution and its relationship with CLR!

In order to understand the philosophy behind the Ford Mondeo, we should first go further back in time, until the year 1908, when the Ford Motor Company created its first car, the Ford T. This vehicle realised the dream of its founder, Henry Ford, of creating a reliable and efficient automobile for an affordable price. Since that day, the company has designed all of its models in accordance with this philosophy. But what makes the Ford Mondeo special? Let’s take a look at its history:


Year 1993: First generation

The Ford Mondeo was first introduced in 1993, using Europe’s Ford Sierra as a guideline, after a five-year development program and 4.6 billion dollars. This new sedan introduced a standard airbag for the driver, and an optional airbag for the front passenger. It also included traction control, the ADS adaptive damping system, the anti-lock brake system (ABS) and power steering as a standard offer. All of these technological advances earned it the European Car of the Year award in 1994. Two years later, a revised version was launched, which included side airbags and four-channel ABS.


Ford Mondeo: First Generation
Still frame of the 1993 Ford Mondeo advertisement (Youtube)


Year 2000: Second generation

The new model continued adding safety features by incorporating Ford’s Intelligent Protection System (IPS) to handle collisions, which would soon be applied to other models of the company. It also offered optional innovations for comfort, such as rear seat heating or rain sensors for the windscreen wipers, a first for Ford.


Ford Mondeo: second generation
2001 Ford Mondeo


Year 2007: Third generation movie star

A year before its arrival in the market, the third generation Ford Mondeo was “tested” by James Bond himself, portrayed by Daniel Craig, in the movie “Casino Royale”. In 2007, advanced technologies such as the Adaptive Cruise Control to maintain a constant speed, Interactive Vehicle Dynamics Control for individual braking on each wheel, and the “Ford Easy Fuel” easy refuelling system became available to the users.

A year later, in the year 2010, the new “EcoBoost” petrol motor technology was added, as well as lane change warning, driver warning and automatic high beam control.


2010 Ford Mondeo
2010 Ford Mondeo


Year 2014: The most technologically advanced version

The new generation of Mondeo in Europe was introduced in late 2014 as the most technologically-advanced model to date, but affordable for the average user. It also offers a hybrid version -the first to be built and sold in Europe by Ford-.

Manufactured at the plant of Almussafes in Valencia for all of Europe, the new model is the safest ever sold by Ford. Features such as the Pre-collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection, the inflatable rear safety belt –which makes its debut in Europe with the Mondeo–, as well as rear view mirrors with the blind spot information system (BLIS) are some examples of how the Ford Mondeo’s concept of safety is in constant evolution.


Last Ford Mondeo version
2014 Ford Mondeo


CLR, Tier 2 supplier of Ford Mondeo

CLR, Compañía Levantina de Reductores has been a Tier 2 supplier of Actuators for the Powerfold electric folding system for the Ford Mondeo, in collaboration with the Tier 1 supplier in charge of the design of the Mondeo’s rear-view mirrors. CLR supplies this Tier 1 with the gear motor which allows for the electric folding of the mirror.

As a Tier 2 supplier, CLR complies with all the standards required, and follows strict quality guidelines. To that end, it performs lifespan, stress and quality tests on all the products it manufactures with the goal of ensuring maximum durability and an optimal operation for the actuator.

Over 3 million gear motors manufactured by CLR for the Powerfold electric folding system are proof of the success of its actuators, which are part of flagship models of major manufacturers such as the Ford Mondeo or the Volkswagen Beetle.


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