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Worm gear motor

Simple design and operating model. These gearboxes use crown and endless screw as transmission parts.

When operating, the toothed crown is permanently in contact with the spindle or endless screw which is in charge of moving the crown’s teeth by reducing the transmission speed of the mechanism

Worm gear motors make spur movements and not rotatory which allows to make right-angled transmission.
CLR worm gear motors
Product details Current Voltage R.P.M. no load Nominal Torque
Worm gear motor characteristics
  • High reduction ratios: these gearboxes are interesting when the speed reduction ratio is great since they do not need the application of different gear reducers.
  • They need a smaller gearbox by avoiding gear train .
  • They offer some versatility: its output shaft is 90 °, which makes it suitable in certain applications of small spaces.
  • On the contrary, the greater friction of its slip causes higher operating temperatures and a higher energy expenditure caused by energy losses.
  • This is not the most accurate mechanism since it tends to lose time in between cycles.
CLR successful experiences
Variable suspension system
Our gear motor is a component in the Audi RS6 injector due to its performance and resistance.
Folding mirrors on cars and commercial vehicles
Gear motors located in rear-view mirrors require good resistance at reduced sizes. Our good results have made big brand names trust us.
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