Folding mirrors on cars and commercial vehicles

A leading company in the manufacture of rear vision systems , has been relying on us since 1996 for its electric retracting mirror system.

Currently, our solution has evolved to get the vast majority of manufacturers of vehicles like Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, Nissan and General Motors to have something in common: a retracting mirror solution by CLR.


After collaborating on projects with universities, our client was having difficulty in finding a solution that was capable of achieving a power of more than 4 N·m in a small space at an angular velocity of 18 degrees per second.

Furthermore, our project also required achieving a design that met the strict regulatory requirements of the motor and the durability and guarantees demanded by all major brands in the automotive market.


In addition to complying with the requirements and standards demanded by the sector such as electromagnetic compatibility EMC, we currently have some retractors capable of surpassing 50,000 cycles, 100% more cycles than the ones required initially by the company..

Thanks to our experience in this field, our mirror retraction system has evolved to meet the needs of different types of vehicles such as lorries, buses, or trains.

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