Lift and double detent technology in power side-view mirror actuators

The automotive sector is constantly evolving and offering a number of actuator solutions with the purpose of providing vehicle drivers with a greater comfort and safety.

Nowadays we can find two types of side-view mirrors on the market. On one hand we have manual mirrors, which lack an electric actuator to fold or unfold them; and on the other we have power mirrors, which have an actuator that allows them to go from the folded (parking) position to the unfolded (driving) position, and vice-versa.

One of the main issues of current power side-view mirrors is that there is a gap between the base (fixed) and the mobile part. This gap is necessary for one part to move in relation to the other, without friction. This causes the wind to flow into that area and generate noise that the driver can hear inside the car, in addition to decreased aerodynamics, which leads to a higher fuel consumption.

In order to remedy this issue we have the lift technology, which separates the fixed part from the mobile one during folding or unfolding, making that slack disappear in the driving position and avoiding the problems mentioned above.

When folding the mirror once again, the mobile part is “lifted” off of the fixed one, which leads to a reduced wear from the friction between the fixed and the mobile part.

Lift and double detent technology

In conventional power side-view mirrors, if we move them manually, the actuator is misaligned in relation to the fixed and the mobile part, and ends up being loose and without a good anchoring point, which may result in its position being modified while driving as a result of the wind force. In this case, this could imply a risk for the driver, which is why manufacturers discourage their manual use. However, the desired position can be readjusted using the electric control.

In order to fix this issue we have the Double Detent technology, which allows for the manual adjustment of the rear-view mirror without it getting loose and prevents the risk of an unexpected mirror folding.

These new technologies imply a new era in power side-view mirrors, leading to a greater comfort and eliminating existing problems.


At CLR we have a large team of engineers who work every day toward finding solutions and improvements for the automotive sector. At the time, major vehicle manufacturers such as Audi, Ford, Nissan, Volkswagen and General Motors have a CLR solution driving the motion of their side-view mirrors.

If you want to learn more about the lift and double detent technologies, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you make your project come true.


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