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Spur gear motor

Spur gear motor stands out for its simple structure and low cost. These models work better in applications requiring low torque levels. Torque is limited since gears hold concerned load.
Spur gear motor
Product details Current Voltage R.P.M. no load Nominal Torque
Some advantages of spur gear motors
  • The connexion of these gears with the gearbox axes in parallel let them provide greater torque in lower speed .
  • It offers constant and steady speed ratio.
  • Compact size thanks to the proximity of their axes to transmit the movement between them.
  • Level of noise is the main disadvantage of this model.
CLR successful experiences
Extraction of the product in Vending machines
We find a tailor-made solution in which small space was not a problem for obtaining enough power.
Hopper activation gear
Many arcade slot machines have our gear motors for efficient and reliable control of the jackpot coin hopper in their casino machines.
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