The importance of each part for the perfect result
At CLR, we know that the performance of each of the components is essential for the success of your project. For this reason we design and manufacture all our products in detail according to the highest European quality standards. Only in this way can we ensure the maximum accuracy of each movement.

Our team of engineers and manufacturing technicians has expertise in developing small-scale solutions with great results, for this reason, some of our clients have relied on our work for more than four decades. Get to know our components:
CLR Mecanical components for your projects
We have a wide range of direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) motors and can supply from 1 unit up to large orders.
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Plastic and metal gears
Whether in plastic or machined, either spur, helical or globoidal, we can design and manufacture the gear you need.
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Plastic and metal pinions
We are able to supply any spur or helical type pinion, whether plastic or machined.
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These thin disks with a center hole are generally used to support a tightening load or as spacers. We can adapt to your needs both in metal and plastic.
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All kinds of bushings in metal and plastic, even combined to suit the needs of the market.
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Worm sets
A wide range of possibilities both geometrical and in a combination of plastic and metal materials.
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Crown wheels
We offer solutions in terms of spur, helical and bevel gears in different materials or treatments.
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We are able to offer you the spring you need for small applications, in different metals and treatments.
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We have a wide range of profiles of pulleys for the transmission of movement using belts, both metal and plastic.
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Discover it in this eBook!
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Find a tailor-made solution
Contact our team of engineers to find a gear motor that suits all your needs.
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