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Air conditioning

Automotive gear motors: driving towards excellence

Precision, quality and resistance. The automotive sector is a demanding one in which every detail counts. Thanks to the dedication of our engineers, we carry out projects with great results together with the most important brands in the industry.
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Gear motors for Vending: strength in small sizes

Our gear motors are made to suit the size as well as the adaptability and maintenance needs of the vending industry with great results and using the torque required for each project.
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According to the strictest European standards

Our engineering team develops reliable and high quality gear motors in accordance with the strict European Union safety standards. Thanks to our experience, our solutions have managed to achieve great results even in the smallest sizes.
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Gear motors in conditioning sector: a new air for your project

Each of our air conditioning projects is distinctive and unique. At CLR we develop everything from gear motors capable of moving heavy structures to products that require small movements in very tight spaces. Whatever your needs in air conditioning are, our solutions will give your project a new look.
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Perfect motion security

There is no room for error in the safety sector, at CLR, we strive to develop infallible and high quality gear motors to obtain the highest guarantees to get the perfect motion when it is needed. Contact us to find the best solution in automatic solutions, safety locks, safety barriers, intelligent locks and many other projects.
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Gear motors in HORECA : Overcoming the highest standards.

Besides a wide range of standard gear motors of the highest quality, at CLR we are specialists in developing custom movement solutions for your HORECA projects. We offer the perfect motion to machines of this sector like industrial mixers, industrial toasters, coffee grinders etc.
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Electric motors guide
Electric motors guide
Electric motors guide
Electric motors guide
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We contacted the gear motors company in 2006 looking for a customized solution. Since then we are pleasantly surprised about their technical solvency and their capacity to react in both, engineering questions and manufacturing, and logistic level. It must be stressed the close treatment of their human team and their involvement in our projects.
Mr. Joaquim Ramalho
General Manager BACH
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