Success story: higher quality and more silent automatic doors

A leading company in the manufacturing of operators, automation devices, motors and accessories for various types of automatic doors – including sliding and swing doors – contacted us with the purpose of developing higher quality, more silent automatic doors.

The company manufactures high-quality, long durability operators for pedestrian, sliding, swing, evacuation and glass automatic doors.

Goal: savings and a more reliable product

The client’s goal was to replace a third-party product with their own, so as to achieve savings and access the market by being able to provide their own product. Apparently, the third-party product that they were using gave them trouble, and they needed a more reliable device.

Door automation systems in public spaces are used because they have the advantage of giving the pedestrian access to any building without the need to push or pull a door.

Its operation involves a speed reducer that engages with a toothed pulley. The latter moves a series of belts that moves the weight of the doors (revolving doors, horizontal doors, swing doors, etc.). All of this requires a series of sensors and controllers.

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The challenge: achieve a silent system

Among the usual problems of automation systems, we can find controller-related incidents. This makes it necessary to develop a quality system that is as silent as possible.

The challenge was to make a speed reducer that could be coupled with different motors and output shafts, and that was also very silent and had a long service life.

Development of the automatic door project

Once the client contacted CLR, we arranged a first meeting to identify their needs. After this, we provided a quotation for the development of the process and the product, later agreeing with the client on the steps to follow and on a solution that best suited their problems and objectives.

Once the conditions for the project were agreed-upon, we made the first prototype so that the client could know the actuator before installation.

After verifying that the actuator was adequate, we moved on to the product’s industrialization and mold & tooling design phase; the first pre-series were developed, and the client was provided with the first few samples for approval.

Our partner certified that CLR’s product exceeded their expectations and that it was perfectly suitable to be installed in their equipment before moving on to the final purchase

The perfect solution

CLR was able to manufacture a product that fit the client’s needs and exceeded their expectations: silent, long-lasting and tailored to their own systems.

CLR has been manufacturing gear motors and actuator solutions for more than 40 years. Following the most stringent European Union safety regulations, the highest quality standards and an innovating vision, we work daily to find great solutions in the smallest sizes.

Furthermore, we not only specialize in electromechanics, but we also develop projects for sectors such as automotive, vending, HVAC, security and HORECA. We develop any kind of engineering project and address our clients’ needs, and we are committed to our partners’ success.

If you need to undertake a project or have a problem that you don’t know how to solve, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced team will be thrilled to advise you, help you find the best solution and ensure that you exceed your goals.

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