Success story: arcade machine performance improvement

A leading company in the arcade machine sector contacted us to solve their problems related with the use of their claw machines and to optimize their performance. They needed a supplier that would comply with specific technical requirements which offering them a fast, quality solution and a good service.

The challenge: meet the technical specifications and avoid regular failures

The client wanted a quality solution to optimize its arcade machines, commonly known as claw machines. To this end, highly specific technical specifications had to be met while preventing the most common failures for these types of machines.

At CLR we reviewed the complaint logs to verify whether there was previous information available on the types of failures that could affect these devices, but no logs were available, which is why we visited the client’s own website, which contains operation & maintenance manuals for their machines. These manuals outline the most common problems for these machines – the following are some examples of common issues for one specific product:

  • General failure due to unexpected changes in program variables.
  • Program memory (ROM) error. Corrupted data. 
  • External RAM memory problem. Possible RAM damage or improper installation. This may also indicate that testing data is corrupt and will reset to default when the machine is restarted.
  • Coin hopper error.
  • Malfunction of the sensor that detects whether the claw is at the front of the machine (as seen from the front of the machine).
  • Malfunction of the sensor that detects whether the claw is at the back of the machine.
  • Malfunction of the microchip that indicates that the claw is up. 
  • Malfunction of the sensor that detects whether the gantry is to the left.

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Project development: aiming for efficiency

The project was developed in several phases. First, the client contacted CLR’s sales department to request a product that would meet well-defined specifications defined by the client that were essential for an adequate operation of the machines.

CLR’s engineering department determined that the best solution that would meet the client’s needs would be CLR’s standard Vending product – a series of gear motors designed to be deployed on different types of vending machines.

These types of parallel shaft gear motors have different types of anchors to easily adapt to the client’s machine. CLR offered a fast, high-quality and affordable solution. When combined with our excellent customer service, this lead the client to choose our solution.

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The solution: speed, quality and good price

At CLR we have a track record of 50 years manufacturing gear motors and actuator solutions. We have worked on both national and international projects, and for leading companies in the automotive and HORECA sector, among others.

This is why hiring our company guarantees a fast, well-executed, high-quality work. Moreover, we know how to tailor our costs to the needs of each client. In this case, the client was benefited by the quality of our products, the final cost and our service, as well as by our timeliness in providing them with solutions both for the speed reducer and for the machine itself.Would you like to be our next success story? Contact us.

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