CLR wins the 2016 Innovative SME award at the 1st AVIA Awards

Compañía Levantina de Reductores is recognised for its commitment to innovation with an acknowledgement by the Automotive Cluster of the Valencian Community


With an attendance of nearly 90 Valencian automotive industry businessmen, the 1st AVIA Awards were a true show of force and dedication of one of the key sectors of the Valencian economy. On this first night of the region’s motor vehicle industry, CLR was nominated for an award as the best Innovative SME along with companies such as Aza Logistics; TECNICARTON, S.L.; REPOL S.L. and Fino y Gómez. Finally, our company won this award thanks to the votes of the many partners and members of the automotive cluster.

CLR’s President Vicente Martín, and our Managing Director, Xavier Gisbert, received this award from the hand of Josep Busquets, Marketing and Sales Manager of Main Memory. Gisbert thanked the trust and support offered by the members of AVIA, confirming CLR’s bet on innovation as a differentiating and competitive value within the automotive sector.


AVIA Board of Directors
AVIA Board of Directors.


2016 Innovative SME thanks to a testing machine that is unique in the market

CLR has received the Pyme Innovadora 2016 (2016 Innovative SME) award thanks to our strong commitment with innovation and constant evolution as part of the business strategy. In this regard, CLR’s collaboration with several universities has been acknowledged – a work that has allowed for the development of a testing machine that is unique in the market, which allows for the full verification of the electrical, acoustic and service parameters of the rear view mirror folding systems.



CLR’s President Vicente Martín receives the award.
CLR’s President Vicente Martín receives the award.


In addition to collaborating with the university in the development of innovative projects, CLR also takes in students of several levels for the preparation of their Capstone Projects. The development of these projects together with the R&D&I department of our company allows for the perfect symbiosis between students and Project Managers. The coming together of experience and new ideas is the perfect combination to bring innovation and new improvements.


AVIA Award: an acknowledgement that helps build a more prosperous and dynamic automotive sector

The ceremony had the final purpose of acknowledging the work of Valencian automotive supplier companies within the national productive sector. Thus, the event revolved around 3 categories: companies that stood out due to their track record, their innovation and their excellence, highlighting business ventures and company backgrounds that serve as a tangible example to all other industries and sectors.


Xavier Gisbert’s speech, Managing Director of CLR
Xavier Gisbert’s speech, Managing Director of CLR.


Among the figures that attended this award ceremony, we can mention Generalitat Valenciana President Ximo Puig; Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Commerce and Labour Board Member Rafael Climent; REDIT Director Fernando Saludes, Ford Spain Director of Operations Dionisio Campos, Universitat Politécnica de Valencia Vice-chancellor of Research, Innovation and Dissemination José Capilla, and AVIA President Emilio Orta.

During the ceremony, AVIA President Emilio Orta stated that “it is the first time that the sector gathers together to acknowledge our contribution to the Valencian economy, the productive landscape, labour and quality of life”. “We cannot forget that we generate a 6.5% of the Valencian Community’s labour, and we have achieved that because the automotive sector is the most competitive industry in existence nowadays. And it is because of this that, for the first time in the 13 years of this institution, we wanted to start celebrating who we are”.

In this context, the award has a special value to Compañía Levantina de Reductores, a value that serves as extra motivation to face any new challenge that the future may bring.

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