Major automotive actuators

Principales actuadores en automoción

Always evolving, the automotive sector usually offers numerous drive solutions aimed at improving the comfort and safety of the members of a vehicle. Automotive actuators are perhaps the least known pieces but the ones that most have influenced the emergence of new movements. In this article we will review all of those little engineering movements … Read more…

Success Story: actuators for perfume dispensers

Noustique Perfumes was born from a joint venture between 2 large multinational enterprises from different sectors. On the one hand, BSH Group, a German manufacturer of white goods that includes the brands Bosch, Siemens and Balay, among others. On the other hand, Puig, a Catalan company dedicated to the creation of perfumes that comprises brands … Read more…

The role of sensors and actuators in autonomous vehicles

autonomous driving

Autonomous vehicles have crossed the borders of science-fiction and are already in the horizon. Specifically, it is estimated that by 2020 we will already start to see the first self-driving cars rolling along our roads. By 2050 this phenomenon will be widespread, and this type of motor vehicle will become a common reality.

Car seats: new actuators for maximum comfort

car seats

Innovations on fields such as vehicle comfort and safety are of significant importance to OEM and Tier 1 manufacturers. To a greater or lesser extent, brands include among their priority objectives to produce a better driving experience. In this regard, one components that are directly related to safety and comfort in a vehicle are the … Read more…

Actuators in injection systems: improving fuel efficiency and emissions

injection systems

In their race for differentiation and competitiveness, automotive brands have put their focus on two mechanical aspects: efficiency and emission control. Most of their R&D is targeted at reducing consumption and offering more Environmentally-friendly vehicles. In this matter, the emergence of electronic control systems has brought a revolution on every level, and both Tier 1 … Read more…

Sensors and actuators for a safer driving

Sensors and actuators

Automation has increasingly took hold of various sectors, and the automotive industry has always been a technological benchmark. During the last few years, precision, comfort and safety are the target of the most important innovations in the automotive sector, in an attempt to respond to users’ higher demands. In this increasing process of automation, technologies … Read more…

Applications of adaptive headlights in the automotive industry

Sistema de luces adaptativas inteligentes de BMW

When speaking of actuators or moving mechanisms in the automotive industry, headlights and lighting systems are an unavoidable topic. Static headlights with light bulbs are now a thing of the past. Nowadays, manufacturers do their best efforts to improve driving comfort, and in this regard, automatic adaptive headlights are increasingly gaining ground. Do you know … Read more…